Innovating at the Intersection of Art and Technology

From Long Island, New York to Dallas, Texas my journey has been more than just a change in zip codes; it’s been a lifelong adventure in creativity and technology. As a Front End Engineer with the soul of a Full Stack Developer, I’ve explored every layer of web development, allowing me to bridge the gap between raw code and beautiful design.

Growing up in the artistic ambiance of Long Island, New York, my childhood was a canvas of imagination. My hands moved effortlessly from the grace of calligraphy to the bold lines of product branding, finding joy in the dance of typography and color schemes. These early passions were not merely hobbies; they were the prelude to my future career.

In my senior year of high school, I stumbled upon the logical elegance of programming. The thrill of problem-solving meshed seamlessly with my artistic nature when I discovered Front End Engineering. It was like finding a missing piece of myself. The artist within me had found a new medium to explore, and I embraced it fully, deciding to specialize in the art of the digital interface.

My craft has evolved with the language of JavaScript, the nuances of the latest technologies, and the eternal pursuit of foundational knowledge. Tools like Figma have become my brushes, and the browser window, my canvas. Every line of code I write is a stroke of creativity, every user interface I design, a palette of functionality and aesthetics.

As I continue to weave artistry into user experiences, my mission remains clear: to make the web not just functional, but a vibrant and inclusive space. Welcome to my world, where code meets creativity and every project is a step towards the future.