My Daily Drivers: Software for Design and Development

Here's a look at the trusty tech I use to shape user interfaces and architect full-stack solutions. It's a straightforward rundown of the design and development tools that help me craft, code, and create with clarity and ease.


  • React

    React's component-based architecture makes it a breeze to build and manage complex interfaces with reusable components.

  • TailwindCSS

    TailwindCSS offers utility-first styling that speeds up the development process and allows for highly customizable designs without leaving the HTML.

  • Node

    Node's JavaScript runtime enables me to build scalable and efficient back-end services with a language I'm already familiar with from front-end development.

  • UI component libraries

    I lean on UI component libraries like Material Design, Mantine, or Bootstrap when I need to get an application off the ground quickly, especially when there's no strict design specification to follow.

  • Next.js

    Next.js simplifies the creation of optimized and user-friendly web applications with its server-side rendering and static generation features.

  • Blockchain

    I dove into Solidity to craft smart contracts, convinced that decentralization is the way forward. It's about building transparent, secure solutions that can be trusted without intermediaries.

Development tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    I rely on Visual Studio Code for its versatility and robust ecosystem of extensions, making coding more efficient and enjoyable for me.

  • Git

    I use Git for version control, ensuring that my projects are manageable and my workflow is collaborative, which has been a game changer for team projects and solo endeavors alike.

  • Yarn

    I prefer Yarn for package management because of its speed and reliability, streamlining my development process by handling dependencies more effectively.

  • Postman

    Postman is my go-to for testing APIs, with its user-friendly interface making it simpler to debug and develop against various endpoints.

Design and Prototyping

  • Figma

    My process involves leveraging Figma for prototyping, where I bring ideas to life through detailed designs. These prototypes then serve as the blueprint to develop full-fledged web pages, streamlining the transition from concept to reality.

Local Development Environments

  • Docker

    I utilize Docker for containerization, harnessing its power to ensure consistent environments and streamline deployment processes.